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'Here we go again'
I was supposed to be at the office the whole day last Saturday to have an overtime... but an unexpected issue got in between me and my office mate, who happened to be my classmate in college. We had a fight, the worst fight we had after 5 years of being together. After the fight, I decided to go home and to not go back to the office whether my project officer gets mad at me or whatever. I had the whole afternoon to have some rest. I slept for like 2 or 3 hours. When I woke up, I turned on the TV and as I was browsing or should I say looking for a channel that airs a good show, CS9 caught my attention. It was airing the Clear Men Future League. I tuned in when I heard that it was the Day 1 for Cebu Leg Tryout. I have a long attention span when the topic is about Cebu specifically Cebu Basketball. You may be wondering why. Well, it's because my ultimate crush is a varsity player in Cebu.

This guy had been my crush for 3 years now. Several friends have told me to stop my 'kahibangan' with him. I thought to myself that maybe they're right. Why do I keep on liking that man when I knew very well that he doesn't like me? Of course, he doesn't know me... hahahaha! I busied myself with my office works that I had forgotten about him, things changed a lot. I used to think about him every day and night but not anymore though sometimes I remember him when I am alone or I watch basketball or I pass by DPWH (he used to be a player for the DPWH Provincial Office Basketball Team). I tried to convince myself and everyone that I don't like him anymore. Was I successful? I don't know.

Now back to what I was watching... I was hoping that I would see him on TV. Each team were interviewed. I was concentrating when suddenly, I shouted, no, I squeaked because he was there! He still look. He was smiling while his teammates where commenting about their opponents. And that smile never fail to melt my heart. <3>

I texted my closest friends about what I saw on TV. One friend commented, 'You're inlove again'... I was suprised with her reply. Why on earth did she say that?! Did I really fell out of love with HIM? or the person I was when I was head-over-heels with HIM had just returned? I'm confused. Then I realized that it is easy to convince yourself that you're not inlove with that person, until you see that person one day, then your damn heart and mind whispers... 'Here we go again'.

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Friend: Girl, what if you win the lottery, what will you do with your money?
Me: How will I win the jackpot prize if I don't bet?

Friend: Shhh. Just answer the question. It's a WHAT-IF!
Me: (thinking)


Me: If I win the lottery, I will travel around the best places on earth. Then, I'll put up a business, investment, you know. Then ---. You?
Friend: And then what? Me? Same as what you're gonna do.
Me: Then... then I will buy Harry Potter's wand and Edward Cullen's mind-reading talent.
Friend: What the!
Me: I will also buy a TIME MACHINE so all people could go back in time to correct their mistakes and to do what they would have done before, correct their regrets in life.
Friend: You're so emo.

I wasn't joking when I said those.
And there's one more thing I want to do with the money IF I win the lottery...

...I'll call on the greatest medical practitioners in the world and make a CLONE of the man that I love. A clone that has a mind that will tell him about a girl (me) who loves him unconditionally and has a heart that will FALL IN LOVE with ME. He may not be perfect, but he'll always be the BEST.

Pathetic and impossible, I know. But winning the lottery may be a once in a lifetime experience, so make the most out of what you've won. And that's what I wanted.

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Billy Crawford
My last blog entry was about Billy Crawford and Sitti concert and my cam. Here's the video of Billy that I took just before my cam died.

I haven't uploaded Sitti's video yet, will upload it soon when the net connection is back to normal.
Billy's back-up dancers were cute too.

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Billy Crawford and Sitti
From July 9 - 18, 2009, the province of South Cotabato will celebrate its 10th T'nalak Festival and 43rd Foundation Anniversary. The celebration started last July 9 but we had an opening salvo yesterday with a parade, skydiving and drum, bugle and lyre competition in the morning, with Sen. Chiz Escudero as the guest of honor (whom I've been wanting to see but because I was at the office the whole day, I didn't see him), and Billy Crawford and Sitti concert in the evening.

I watched the concert with my friends and nephew. Since I thought our camcorder was fully charged, I bought it with me in the concert. When Sitti went up the stage, singing 'Tattooed on My Mind', I took a video of her. The camcorder was working fine until it was Billy's turn to entertain the crowd. I was enjoying taking video of his back-up dancers while waiting for him to join them. A minute later, he was there, when suddenly a message popped up on the monitor of the cam - 'PROCESSING' - a second or two, another message popped up- 'LOW BATTERY'... and then it automatically turned off. I was shocked in disbelief. I won't be able to record a video of Billy! I don't know who to blame. Should I blame my sister for not telling me that the cam isn't fully charged or blame myself for not checking the cam before we went to the concert?

There's nothing I could do anymore but to just enjoy the night. Good thing, Sitti and Billy were entertaining, I forgot about the cam.

Upon arriving home, I checked on the cam to see if the video of Sitti recorded earlier was okay. It was playing. Good. When I connected it to the laptop there was no video, just audio. Uh oh. I don't know what is wrong with the cam. Grr. I hate situations like this and I was starting to lose my patience. Then I decided to leave the stupid cam and went to bed, read Chapter 12 and 13 of Twilight, waited for my mother to come home then slept.

I guess I was really feeling unlucky yesterday.

Later at 3pm, there will be a Cheerdance and Hip-hop Competition. I am not sure yet if I will watch or just go home and watch UAAP on Studio 23. Speaking of UAAP, I forgot that today's the opening pf Season 72 and I'm here at the office, NO TV and it means I already missed the primer.

Now I would have to say, today is still an unlucky day. Talk about being doomed.

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I have nothing to say really, I just want to have an entry today. The time and date at this very moment happen once/twice in a century. Why twice? Because some people say it will happen again on August 7, if you use the dd/mm format, it will still be 12:34:56 07/08/09.

12:34:56 07/08/09

This is so cool.



I am nominated at the 2009 CandyMag Teen Blog Awards. I just got my digital sticker.
Please VOTE for me. Your votes will highly be appreciated.


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Link Image
Finally! I have my own link image. I was so envious of my other friends of their link images that I spent my whole afternoon learning on how to make one, from using adobe photoshop and imageready to using HTML codes, instead of finishing my office work. Well yeah, I learned it in school way back in college since I had a subject in Web Development (I am an IT graduate, in case you might wanna know...) but can you blame me if I am good in forgetting things that are not so interesting?

It is only now that I realized I should have listened well in class. No, I am not saying I was not a good student. A final grade of 93 in that subject will only mean, I did well. hahaha! But if only I knew that what my professor is teaching us would be helpful in curing my being envious regarding those link images and other stuff that concerns HTML then I should have not taken the subject for granted.

So now, I will have to start learning HTML again. Good thing I still have a copy of the powerpoint presentation my prof was using in class and my final project which was a proposed website for our university library to be embedded in the official university site. It was just a proposal so don't search for our school's site to check if it was uploaded and included. LOL. And of course, there's always the internet ready to give answers.

My link image is on the left side, you can copy the code and post it in your site. Notify me if you want to exchange links.

Thanks much!

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