My Bestfriend's birthday

My best friend is celebrating her birthday today and she thought I have forgotten about it. She was used to waking up every 30th of June having to read a text greeting from me. I [was] always the first person to greet her but this year was different. In as much as I wanted to be the first person to greet her, I couldn’t do so because she’s in London and I just couldn’t send her a text message. Thank goodness there’s instant messaging, I was able to greet her on time but not like before I wasn’t the first one to greet her on her special day.

It was 2am in London and past 8am here in Philippines when we talked. She wants me to post greetings in all her social networking accounts. And as her best friend, I want her to be happy so I promised her that I will post greeting in her Friendster, Multiply and Facebook accounts aside from greeting her on YM and posting ‘Happy Birthday Nikki’ as my status. That’s a lot of greetings, huh.

My best friend loves and gives so much appreciation to things that you give her, no matter how small or petty that thing is especially when it is personalized. I already gave her my gift when she went home here last June 12 but then I want to make this day something extra special. I created a simple (sorry I am not artistic) collage and uploaded it on Photobucket then posted it as a comment on her FS.

Here’s my little creation... I just want to share it to you…

To my best friend Nikki,

I hope you like my work. I made it as simple as I could; you know I am not artistic. I love you friend. I miss you. Happy Birthday.

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OMG! LMH falls down

To see the video, click: LEEMINHO falls down

OMG! This was so embarrassing. But I salute him because he stood up, walked down the red carpet smiling as if nothing happened. He had shown courage and strength.
What a great man.

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Lee Min Ho : Male Advertisement Model

Lee Min Ho and Son Dambi were awarded as the Male and Female Advertisement Model respectively at the 2009 MTN Broadcast Advertisement Festival held last June 25, 2009.
Lee Min Ho also won his Trugen CF.

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Link Exchange
Natutuwa ako, I have learned something new yesterday after ko plinurk ang about sa blog. Nabasa ko, may nagtanong, "Link-ex?" Nashock ako, WTH does that mean? To think isa akong IT graduate, HINDI ko alam ano yun. Toinks! Sorry naman! Hindi ako updated sa mga ganyang words. Hindi ako nagtanong ano meaning nun, siguro nga magaling lang talaga ako sa ANALYZATION, ayun I realized, LINK EXCHANGE pala, puro links kasi pinapacopy-paste eh. Tss.

Meron pa bang ibang words dyan na hindi ko alam? Share naman. Sa Comment Box na lang.

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